Welcome to Ammoudi Fish Tavern

The magic of the Greek Islands is best experienced in the sea.

Modern but also traditional, exuding Mediterranean air and giving value to the Greek, local, Mother Earth products

Unforgettable experiences overlooking the crystalline waters of the Aegean sea, listening to the splash of waves and tasting our excellent quality dishes painted either by the enchanting sunset of Santorini island or under the romantic light of the countless stars.

Ammoudi | Oia, Santorini

Framed between volcanic red rocks and the Aegean sea, Ammoudi Bay is a tiny fishing port located about 300 steps below the town of Oia. The views are spectacular at any time of day, but it is pure magic bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun. This is when Santorini is at its most stunning. The white sugarcube houses perched above the deeply red volcanic cliff face, offer an extraordinary sight.


The traditional, picturesque, seaside Ammoudi Fish Tavern is open daily from 11am - 11pm

Opening period: April - October

Ammoudi Fish Tavern - Santorini - Greece +30 22860 72298